CJA Off-Season #JAGOFF

Using the time between SRA Seasons to have some fun!

Between SRA seasons the Coach Jeffries Academy encourages you to hop in the Jaguar and hit the track! Sim Racing Alliance uses a qualification track between seasons to help classify new drivers. Set hotstint times in your favorite cars but don't forget to #JAGOFF by setting a hotstint in the Jag! Sim Racing Alliance and the Coach Jeffries Academy will track the #JAGOFF leaderboard during the time pre-season qualification runs. The driver at the top of the board when qualification ends will be immortalized here on the Coach Jeffries Academy #JAGOFF page!

A hotstint in SRA is an average of five consecutive valid laps.

SRA server information can be found here: https://www.simracingalliance.com/about/acc_servers

The current Coach Jeffries Academy Off-Season #JAGOFF is taking place during qualification for Sim Racing Alliance Season 11 @ Nurburgring!

Need a setup?
Grab the official Coach Jeffries Academy setups here! Updated for ACC v1.9!

Wall of Champions
Gomer Wilson


SRA Season 10

Ryan Yee


SRA Season 9

Ryan Yee


SRA Season 8

Nate Specht


SRA Season 7

Brooker Quigg


SRA Season 6